B-violet, my reality?


Segundo Cd de la banda, editado por la desaparecida (al menos su web) Zero Records, un cd cañero, lastima que no acabe de transmitir toda la fuerza que debe, el directo de las B-violet es contunente.

Después del “Ultraviolet”…13 cortes algo mas pausados…
Annie Lee

Una pena no haber encontrado “Thinking about”, para mi, la mejor canción del disco…
“What’s life? what’s death? – what do they brind me? – have you got any answer? c’mon tell me about – what’s love? what’s hate? – how mucho they hurt me! – i don’t know the answers – ain’t got the truth, NO – i think we all are crazy – we’re always thinking aout – what’s up! – so i thought about life when death came to me, but i find no reason that makes me free – then i thought crazy too! – what do you think about life?- what do yo think about love? – what do you think about happiness & anguish, trust & pain …what do you think about death – what do you think about hope? … faith, destruction, fight, lonelyness &your contradiction – what do you thinks, you’re crazy … if you don’t undestand what i’m trying to mean, just look around and ask to yourself … what kind of free-thinker you are? what kind of free-thinker you are?
b-violet my reality 2011

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